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The chiropractors and personnel of the clinic find effective solutions to relieve and offer comfort to patients who suffer from pain associated to headaches, “sciatalgie“, herniated discs, “cervicalgie“, lower back pain (lombalgie), sinus problems, fatigue and other ailments caused by stress.

At the Île-Perrot Clinic, new patients go through a thorough anamnesis (gathering of medical information and ailments given to a practitioner by a patient) and receive an extensive consultation with a chiropractic doctor. The doctor will then prescribe x-rays to establish a precise diagnosis. The chiropractor will explain his findings to the patient before proposing adequate treatment.

The patients of the clinic will receive their treatments in a comforting environment. Quality care is given to the patients during the healing and recovery process. DURING the treatment phase, the patients will receive documents(brochures, pamphlets) and information that will be helpful both in the immediate and after care.

Welcome pain relief with Lumbar cervical decompression

A non-medication treatment against back pain and arthritis

Pay only the deductible of your insurance *

*Insurance claim taken care of by most insurance companies (Croix Bleue, Great West, Industrielle Alliance, SSQ, Sunlife, Manuvie, Desjardins, Johnston Group, GreenShield Canada, Cowan et plus). Inquire now!

Relieve your pain with chiropractic

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Chiropractic can help you


Chiropractic care is available for all family members, particularly pregnant women, who can benefit from treatment throughout their pregnancy.

Sports athletes

For athletes who practise sports on a recreational basis or at a higher level, the chiropractor can provide valuable assistance.


When we think of occupational injuries we often think of manual workers. In chiropractic medicine, we also see people who work in offices.


  • On my first visit I immediately saw that Dr. Poirier knew what he was talking about and had experience. He answered all my questions and took the time necessary to perform a proper examination.

    Jérome C.

Our tips

  • Improve your energy and productivity

    Your nutrition has a direct impact on your health. To consume adequate portions of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) helps to maintain appropriate sugar and insulin levels. You will be more energetic if your meals contain a portion of protein, one portion of carbohydrates and 1/10 of a fat portion.

  • The importance of good posture

    Good posture is a posture that causes little or no stress to the body. Let us use an example: Posture of the head/neck. “La ligne de balance posturale” determines the proper position for the head in relation to the neck. Research shows that for every inch that the neck goes beyond the alignment of the head, the neck muscles perceive 10 times the actual weight of the head.

  • 12 ways to sleep better

    Many people do not realize the importance of sleep in order to be healthy. Most of us sleep less and work more because of our busy lives. Studies have proven that depriving our bodies of adequate sleep can diminish our longevity and our quality of life. Furthermore, lack of sleep can cause problems such as: hormonal imbalance, premature aging, increasing and severity of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, memory lapses ad many other health problems.

  • Your first visit

    Upon your arrival, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will contain personal information about your family and your medical history. Also, any information that can describe or explain your present condition, will be included in the questions. The acting chiropractor will analyze the data in order to determine the best course of action.